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For one day only, two new games are being launched on Enigmailed.

For just 24 hours on April 1st, 2022, we are selling two different games.

You won't know what you are getting until it arrives, and we have strictly limited quantities of both.

They are unnamed on this page, but have been made and fully play tested. You are welcome to buy either or both, but will not find out what they are until delivery.

Game A: Codename Clint- £10

Pocket-sized, and below 0.5mm when flat. This will be sent in an envelope. Although this game is made by us, it will not be sent by us, nor even initially look like a game. This is an ideal game to gift. Playable for 1-2 players, game play is approximately 60-90 minutes. To be dispatched by June 2022.

Game B: Codename Eastwood - £40

This game fits inside a space 10cm³, and is exceptionally fragile, with several delicate parts, so will be packed internally and externally. This has some small component parts, so we advise good eyesight and natural light when playing. Gameplay is 90-120 minutes, for 1-2 players. To be dispatched by July 2022.


The smallprint:

If you order both, they will be sent separately. It will make more sense when they arrive!

Both items ship worldwide. Due to their nature, they may have a note for customs,which we would recommend you don't open yourself before playing.

The quantities are updated by a human, so it may launch on or around midnight.

Please consider leaving Early Bird priced items for those with a limited income.


These are fully-functioning games, and will not simply be a pamphlet and deck of cards, in a shiny box.