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Fool's Errand is a month-long virtual race with a daily puzzling twist, taking place in April 2023, with a special charity partner, Step by Step.

30 Days, 30 Challenges, 30 Puzzles. Get a team together or compete solo. Each day, complete your exercise task and solve a puzzle to reveal the next challenge. Fastest wins. Will you go the extra mile?

The Fool's Errand Challenge 2023 is open to all, from seasoned pros to enthusiastic newcomers, and from active individuals to competitive teams. You can take a more relaxed approach (no exercise at all), or set yourself a daily task, such as:

  • a half hour dog walk
  • 10,000 steps
  • 20 lengths of the pool
  • 5km run
  • 10km cycle

Each day in April 2023, you will be emailed a daily puzzling challenge, the answer to which is a specific (and fun) instruction for the next day's task. 

As the challenge is virtual, you can compete ANYWHERE in the world!

We are delighted to partner Fool’s Errand 2023 with none other than Farnborough-based charity Step by Step.

They provide accommodation and support for young people facing homelessness, including an open access advice service, mental health counselling and personal development opportunities.


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A crazy challenge requires a crazy goal - £10,000. This much money would provide young people a safe space to call home and tailored support for 18 months or 200 hours of counselling to support a young persons mental health. 

You can join in two different ways. (We know you are desperate to participate somehow)

First off, you can donate to the cause on our dedicated Justgiving page: 6/8

Or, you can sign up and get priority booking for Fool’s Errand 2023 by heading to the top of this very page (you don’t even have to pay a penny yet)

You can take part in the puzzling challenge, to reach an exercise goal, or even to raise funds for Step by Step.  

20% of every entry will go to our partner charity, so you can solve some challenges and know that you've contributed at the same time!

This entry is for individual or group entrance, and consists of the following elements.

Before the event

  • Full instructions and details for preparing for the challenge
  • A sponsor form and poster 
  • Sample puzzles and example challenges

During the event

  • An active exercise task - chosen and completed by you
  • Daily puzzles, setting the next day's challenge, emailed to you directly
  • A daily leaderboard for the fastest puzzling response time
  • Hints and solutions available on the website
  • Support online through our social media channels
  • Daily spot prizes for individuals and teams who go the extra Fool's errand mile

After the event

  • Become immortalised in our Fool's Errand Results tables
  • You can choose to get the optional commemorative Fool's Errand Keychain for a small shipping charge.

If you would like to promote this event, or sponsor a prize, please get in touch.