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A prisoner, desperate to escape.

A shill charity, able to help them.

Can you help the prisoner get free?

Mangetout is a completely new, six-part puzzle experience. We use the word experience, as we believe you have never seen a game like this before. The game features:

  • Retail-realistic packaging
  • A new propriatary gaming format, the puzzlefold
  • Contents which build together as part of the story
  • New gaming techologies not seen in any other game

We are enormously excited to launch this game in July 2022. For now, please feel free to 'buy' this free download, which contains a letter. When the game is launched in July 2022, we will update this letter, laying out the subscription options and any early bird deals we will have.

To maintain the quality of this game, as it is quite intensive to manufacture, we will have a genuine and limited run, so will be capping our subscriber numbers. Please do download in order to ensure you have the latest details.

Read about the origins of this game.

Please note: Buyers of CLINT, as part of our April Mystery Games, will have received Episode 1 of this game three months in advance of the official launch. There will be a subscription offer for these players to enable their subscription to begin with Episode 2.