Wooden Name Keyrings

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Perfect for the family, the team, the class or for people with lots of mystery keys they are unsure about (that's all of us, right?)

The prices are for a fully custom set of keyrings, made especially for you, using treated 3mm birch ply. 

They will arrive to you, supplied with enough metal ring loops for all the key rings.

Please note, due to the personalised nature, they may take up to one week to produce and ship. For faster times, please message us to find out our availability. 

What are the colour options for keyrings?

This is available for all our wooden keyrings, but his hand painted, so please add another three working days for this in your order anticipation. 

How do I supply names for the wooden keyrings?

In the Notes section of your order, please list the names on separately, or email them to hello [at] enigmailed.com with your order number. Delaying the name supply will also delay your order!

Where are the puzzles on these keyrings?

We are SO glad you asked! For a little fee, we will add a little puzzle in Morse on the back of any keyring. This can be the teacher name, school name, a one word message - whatever!