Puzzle Wrapping Paper

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This is paper guaranteed to be recycled - as a seasonal puzzle game!

What can you do for the loved one in your life who likes solving problems, adores a challenge, or even thinks they are the smartest in the room?

Puzzle Wrapping Paper!

Each A2 sheet is covered, and we do mean COVERED, in puzzles - 12 of them to be more accurate. They range from simple to incredibly challenging, and will have your receiver poring over it for hours.

If they do find some of them too tricky, there is a QR code discretely placed in the corner, so that they can get some hints and solutions, to avoid any post-celebration melt downs.

The stunning 115gsm silk paper is full colour, a joy to fold and cut through, and is designed to be recycled. 

Sold in packs of three - enough for two gifts and a third copy for you to enjoy!

Also available is a very special offer, the Chocmas Lucky Dip. Three sheets of wrapping paper in a protective sleeve, three different puzzling bars AND a handmade puzzle ornament for your tree.


Still unsure? Read this incredible review of our puzzle wrapping paper by Escape The Roomer here.

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