Round (the) Robinsons

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Every year, a few Christmas cards  arrive with letters. These are known in the UK as Round Robins. They are ripe for puzzling fun!

(Sidenote - they are often quite braggy and boastful, and with very poor shows of gloating. About four years ago, I started sending one a year to my Mum. She gets this every year, has no idea who the people are that it is from, and asks me about it every time. This is painfully funny.)

Round (the) Robinsons is an homage to these. An innocuous card arrives with a letter and photograph, and enclosed are four puzzles, hidden in plain sight.

This is perfect for a little coffee break diversion, or if you have the childish side that I have, even better as a letter to have sent to a friend or family member.

There is the option to have the address handwritten and stamped for even more postal stealth.

For those overseas, you can select the download option, and I will send you the PDF and JPG for you to print out and play at home, or send on to an unsuspecting relative.

Please note, due to the closeness of Christmas, we cannot guarantee arrival overseas before 25th December 2021 (December 2022 for Canada). 

I love the daft element of this, so if you would like a personalised message put in the card, I'm happy to do so.