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Eight of the UK's most innovative puzzle game designers have come together to create a one- time-only bundle of games - with a range of challenges and puzzles, this special collection of games will keep eager minds occupied for hours.

Each is a self-contained challenge, be it digital, paper or wood. Many of these puzzles are original to this bundle, and are at a discounted price for this launch.

To ensure that we deliver exceptional service for all our existing customers, we are limiting this bundle to an initial batch of 100, and it will be available for one week only - seven days - from Monday, 8th November.

The bundle altogether costs £60 including postage within the UK, and £65 outside the UK.

(Please note that although all shipping options will be available at checkout, we are not able to offer standard or tracked shipping for this item until dispatch. If you would like this option, please reply to your invoice email. The bundle will be dispatched in early December.)

This special package includes:

Enigmailed Puzzles: Season’s Eatings - a delicious chocolate bar with themed puzzle wrapper

Lock Paper Escape: Wizard Escape - Grab your wand and discover if you have what it takes to join the secret wizarding society.

Morgan's Escapes: Mystery Times - Unlock the secrets of William Kidd’s lost treasure

Code Bakers: Fudge Fiasco - Decipher the puzzles and discover what flavour fudge you’ve been sent to enjoy!

Don't Eat Puzzles: Griddle - Combine the ingredients in the correct order to work out what's cooking

The White Tent Company: The Snowflake Snatcher advent mystery. Uncover a clue a day to crack the case before Christmas is cancelled!

Within the Story: The Vanishing Bride - Solve the clues, discover the hidden endings, and find the vanishing bride!

Curious Cats UK: At the Movies. Journey through puzzles, clues and riddles to test your movie knowledge and lateral thinking