Minor Grumble Chocolate Hints

Below are staggered hints for the puzzles on this chocolate bar.   

Please be warned, that if you click on the solution, the answer is immediately revealed.

Top puzzle

Hint 1

I have no idea what these symbols mean. Even the lines are different.

Hint 2

Hold on - there are three words with didfferent lines on them. I wonder if they match up?

Hint 3

They do! I'll match the symbols ot the letters.

Left puzzle

Hint 1

Ha! The Hint helps me here. All the letters of HINT have a hexagon around them.

Hint 2

I'll collect each letter for each shape.

Hint 3

Anagrams galore. This feels like it could be a name.


Right puzzle

Hint 1

Three grids with different borders and arrows?! Help!  Maybe I should start with a letter which has nothing leading TO it?

Hint 2

There are three. Lucky dip I guess. I wonder if the arrow indicates which box to take the letter from next?

Hint 3

It does! Now to keep track of the different letters.

Bottom puzzle

Hint 1

Too easy! This hint is not subtle!

Hint 2

Hmm. Looks like a name is appearing.

Hint 3

I'd have never guessed this!







Dan Ayre, Pilot



Gold book nook



Lily, Village Library Boss