What the FAQ

How hard are your puzzles?

How boiled do you like your eggs? We find that different people find different puzzles hard. We play test all games, and refine each puzzle until it gets at least a 90% hit rate. We also have hints - lots of them. Plus, we are super friendly (and connected), so give us a nudge and we will give you one back (in the nicest way).

Do you deliver outside the UK?

We sure do, but the experience is a little different. If you are in the UK, we like to send the puzzles a little at a time (our players love that). For orders outside the UK, you'll get all the puzzles in one handy package. All the puzzles will work the same, and you are welcome to pop them through your letterbox at regular intervals, should you wish to.

Do these postal games work as presents?

They absolutely do; in fact, we'd encourage this. Every game you buy which operates well as a gift, we will ask who it is for. Please remember that we will need a billing address (you) and a shipping address (them). We'd also need to mention to them who is sending them something, but we do this in a number of subtle and clever ways. Promise.

They are suspiciously cheap. Why is this?

Puzzles and games should be a joy and a pleasure without any real pain to the pocket. Our mission is to make puzzles you can afford and love.

Can I play test future games?

You totally can. We welcome feedback; it makes our games better, and the puzzles more fun to play too. If you'd like to play test future games, please contact us!