Escape The Topic

With the cost of trips and coaches increasing, you want to stimulate and immerse your students in another world, but can you manage that on a budget?

Introducing Escape The Topic - a fantastic way of bringing your topic to life in the classroom. Suitable for the start of a topic, to introduce the main events and key characters, or at the end of the unit, as a combined reward and assessment of the different elements learned, this is a powerful package.

Featuring authentic props, high quality resources and both primary and secondary sources, these 'Escape Room in your classroom' games are available in a number of ways:

Postal Game Hire

You'll receive a set of five mini games for your students to play - up against a time limit of course! They will have an hour to see if they can solve all five puzzles and reveal the combination to a coded and padlocked box - inside which is hidden a special prize which can be supplied by us or the teacher.

At the end of your hire time, you simply package all the items back, and return them using the prepaid stickering.

All instructions are supplied, alongside a set of introductory slides, the solving solutions (for the adults) and lots of ‘debrief’ slides, which an be used for further study or discussion. No photocopying, no coach trips, no risk assessments, no hassle.

Live On-site Escape Room

We will arrive at your school and, using our fantastic inflatable room, recreate the escape room in your space! With even more puzzles and a facilitator included, you can participate or support oyur students. This makes the experience even more immersive, and with groups of up to 8 students, there is the flexiblity ot make the time shorter, or to adapt the puzzles according to the group.


To book, please fill in the form at the bottom of the page, ideally with:

  • Preferred dates
  • School location
  • Number of students
  • Topic choice

If you prefer, you can send an enquiry to

PLEASE NOTE: Bookings for Autumn 2024 are now open.


Games currently available

Escape The Chop (Tudors)

This explosive era is both bloodthirsty and gripping, and this escape game, which takes around an hour for a class to solve, will have the students making connections with Henry’s Wives, reading postcards from the past and mapping them, identifying unusual objects in genuine Tudor portraits, ordering key Tudor events, and uncovering mysteries in the family tree!

Escape the Mayans

Can you solve the mysteries in time, to avoid becoming a sacrifice yourself? You’ll have to work hard, together with others in order to find the solutions to the puzzles and get to your reward in time! Games include maps, symbol decoding, tower building and pattern matching.

Escape the Blitz

You have just 60 minutes inside your Anderson Shelter in order to solve the mysteries your Uncle left behind, just before he vanished. Utilise your knowledge of the war, to match ration vouchers, compile the right telegrams, identify who is who in a signed photo and lots more!

Escape the Inspector (Coming Autumn 2, 2024)

Test your knowledge of this seminal play by solving a case file the Inspector has left for you. Who sat where? Whose status was whose? Can you match the event to the timeline? Designed to be a revision/reward session for those in Key Stage Three studying An Inspector Calls.

Is there an escape game you’d love to have your class play? Get in touch with us and let us know.