Escape The Topic

With the cost of trips and coaches increasing, you want to stimulate and immerse your students in another world, but can you manage that on a budget?

Introducing Escape The Topic - a fantastic way of bringing your topic to life in the classroom. Suitable for the start of a topic, to introduce the main events and key characters, or at the end of the unit, as a combined reward and assessment of the different elements learned, this is a powerful package.

Featuring authentic props, high quality resources and both primary and secondary sources, you will receive a set of five mini games for your students to play - up against a time limit of course! They will have an hour to see if they can solve all five puzzles and reveal the combination to a coded and padlocked box - inside which is hidden a special prize which can be supplied by us or the teacher.

At the end of your hire time, you simply package all the items back, and return them using the prepaid stickers.

All instructions are supplied, alongside a set of introductory slides, the solving solutions (for the adults) and lots of ‘debrief’ slides, which can be used for further study or discussion. No photocopying, no coach trips, no risk assessments, no hassle!

Bring your lessons to life with Escape The Topic!

Currently available:

Escape The Chop (Tudors)

This explosive era is both bloodthirsty and gripping! This escape game, which takes around an hour for a class to solve, will have the students making connections with Henry’s Wives, reading postcards from the past and mapping them, identifying unusual objects in genuine Tudor portraits, ordering key Tudor events, and uncovering mysteries in the family tree!


The game is hired for one week. This can be played by more than one class if reset correctly.


We will send you a box with all the games carefully packaged, any prizes you have selected and full instructions. We suggest you get a small team to play the games the day before, to familiarise yourself with the games, and add any prizes you like (the space is small in the treasure box, but can fit anything from an envelope to 30 packets of haribo treats inside).

Once you have introduced and played the game, you can either reset it and pass it to another class in your year, or package it up and send it back to us (we include a full inventory list to check off).

Also included is a ‘debrief’ slide deck, with information about the events, characters and props used in the game just played. There is enough material here for another five lessons should you wish to extend the topic!

Order by buying a time period below. For extended time booking discounts, please email If you would like to hire a facilitator to run the game for you, please also email, stating which dates work best, and we will work hard to accommodate you.

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