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We are delighted to launch Lindie Games in 2024. We wanted to be able to celebrate little indie games, and are keen to partner with new games designers and creators with this imprint of Enigmailed.

If you have a small game which is perfect for partners, parties, pub or planned breaks, get in touch!

We are particularly looking for following:

Partner Games

We love a small deck, side-by-side or facing game. Something to get to know someone better, challenge them (and yourself) and have fun at the same time. 

Party Games

Long live the small party game. We don't want to make those giant boxes with lots of padding - we are after something you stick in the bag with your wine and dips, which takes no time at all to pick up, yet brings joy to a dinner, gathering, meetup or party.

Pocket Pub Games

A cosy atmosphere, a quirkily-named drink and a pal (or more) - what could be better? We want to do two bold things with this thread of games; normalise small games in pubs, and also get games behind the counter for publicans to sell.

Planned breaks

Once you've packed the passport, suncream, shorts, costume and the charger which hopefully works in your destination, there's very little space left! We love a game you take away with you, which has a big replayability factor, a unique dynamic, and will have your fellow holidaymakers wanting to borrow this from you!

If you have a game idea which hits one (or more) of these areas, get in touch.


From the outset we promise:

  • Bags of enthusiasm. Literally bags of it. Not to the annoying point, but maybe just below that.
  • A genuine royalty percentage, with an advance!
  • We will look at all proposals, but would ask that they remain a good fit for at least one of the four categories described above.

If we ask to see your game, we will:

  • play the hell out of it, multiple times, with different people.
  • If it's not for us, we will give you genuine feedback, and will send you something as a thank you.
  • If it needs development, we will point you in the right direction.
  • If the prototype's missing specific 3D printed or laser cut components, we will support you in this if possible.

We look forward to hearing from you!