About Enigmailed

Enigmailed is the brainchild of Stephen Lockyer, one half of escape puzzle publishers Escapages, and the creator of several puzzle games and books. He has worked internationally, spoken at Google, Plymouth University and Southhampton University, given talks at TEDx, and consults privately on developing narrative structures. He has written more than 15 books, and has written for several national publications, including The Guardian.

Step Lockyer, creator of Enigmailed Puzzles

His life-long love of post, combined with his conviction that puzzles can be found and hidden almost anywhere, led to the creation of Enigmailed.

A prolific game player and writer, he has appeared on several podcasts, including 'We're not Wizards,' 'Puzzle Company', 'Puzzled Reality' and 'Behind The Masterminds.' He also hosts his own Podcast, Enigmailed Puzzlecast, which you can subscribe to here.

Contact him with any ideas, suggestions and questions, or for the semaphore font.

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