Big Little Reading Year Bookcase

What if you had a memento of every book you’d read this year, in a delightful and miniature display? The Big Little Reading Year Bookcase enables you to do just that!

miniature bookcase mounted into book

Last year, I read over 60 books, and loved keeping track of them, but wanted something to remember the books and the year, so made a tiny 1:12 bookcase, built inside a book.






miniature bookcase mounted into book

I then created covers for every book I read, in painstaking detail, printed and cut them, and then mounted them to matching boards, to create this incredible keepsake of my reading year.





I had a huge amount of interest in this, and am now making this available as a monthly subscription.


There are two options available:

DIY Bookcase - £6 a month

For this, each month FOUR book covers will be created. You’ll supply the titles of the books, and will get a full-colour PDF print of the books in return, alongside clear instructions of how to cut and make the books for display. If you read more than that, simply buy an extra month - the DIY option allows you to buy them in blocks of four. You will also be given the option of buying a bookcase and mounting book nearer to the end of he year, should you like to have this prepared for you.

Crafted Bookcase - £12 a month

This option allows you to add FIVE books to your collection each month, but these will be printed, cut and mounted onto 1:12 board for you. If you complete a year’s subscription (or make up the difference), these will be supplied in a bookcase, within a book. Shipping and any country taxes or VAT are sadly not included in this price.

Click the button below and select the option right for you!