Game Design Pitch Call

We are currently looking for up to nine designers to contribute a game to our next big project, which is Brain Snacks. Think of these as games that would be sold in independent coffee shops and craft beer pubs/tap rooms, because that's the end goal!

Brain Snacks aims to have games in two distinct categories - team size (solo, couple, team) and game type (abstract, letters & numbers, adventure). So you might have the idea for an abstract game for couples, or a letter game for teams.

Here is the criteria:

  • Max 9 OR 18 card game (aim for 18, or 9 with levelled expansions)
  • Standard card size - these will be wallet games
  • Must fit into the two categories above
  • Must take a minute to introduce and understand


  • No props, counters or extras
  • Must have a good stickability
  • Aim for fun, thinky games
  • Two plus strategies to win are welcomed


Give it some thought, have a tinker, dust off that idea you had once, and let us know via email ( or fill in the form below.

Final call for pitches: 25th August 2024