Buzzing Bandit Chocolate Hints

Below are staggered hints for the puzzles on this chocolate bar.   

Please be warned, that if you click on the solution, the answer is immediately revealed.

Top puzzle   

Hint 1  

This seems too easy..

Hint 2

Reverse the three letters.

Hint 3

Easy phrase to find! THANK GOODNESS!

Left puzzle

Hint 1

Dominoes? Perhaps the hint will help me?

Hint 2

Ah - CLUE is shown as 3, 12, 21, 5. I get it now.

Hint 3

There are some letters they can't make, so for all the others...


Right puzzle

Hint 1

Another substitution puzzle! Let's go then!

Hint 2

Flags are repeated and so are pedals and wrenches. That's my way in.

Hint 3 

I need to find pedals, so should look at solving another one first.

Bottom puzzle

Hint 1 

There's obviously a phrase hidden here.

Hint 2

Hmm. Is that first line familiar?

Hint 3

II'm sure that top line features a vehicle mentioned in the story...




Behind the apiary 



Debunk old people outlook






Donate a bike