Contour Hints

Below are staggered hints for the puzzles in the game Contour.

Please be warned, that if you click on the solution, the answer is immediately revealed.


You have a collection of hexagons, each which has a circle-based pattern at each corner.Hint 1
Some of the circular patterns are only featured once.Hint 2
One pattern is a double ring, with a smaller circle inside each join. See if you can find the three pieces which make this shape. Two of the pieces have the ‘cross’ symbol on them.Hint 3
These pieces sit to the right of the shapeholder. All of the pieces with the ‘cross’ symbol are on the right hand side region.Hint 4
All the ‘birdfoot’ symbols are in the left hand region.Hint 5
Another symbol unique to the board is the triple ring, with a further smaller circle inside it.Hint 6
Once you have placed all the shapes correctly, you should see two numbers formed from the symbols.Hint 7
SOLUTION: The ‘birdfoot’ symbol makes the number 6, and the ‘cross’ symbol makes the number 8.Solution


Your grid space allows only certain combinations together. All the pieces will allow a certain number of paths to lead to each symbol.Hint 1
The symbols form an L shape. Oriented correctly, The Circle symbol has a line heading from top to bottom, The Knot has its two ends pointing rightward, and the Pyramid Halo is standing upright.Hint 2
The Circle is above The Knot.Hint 3
The Plus piece sits directly to the left of the Knot.Hint 4
The Upside Down T piece is in the bottom left corner.Hint 5
The Corner piece is in the upper right corner.Hint 6
SOLUTION: Once complete, you will discover that there is one path to the Circle, two to the Pyramid Halo, and three to the Knot.Solution


These eighteen pieces placed together form three equations, to help you solve the final four symbols.Hint 1
Begin by matching the circular parts.Hint 2
Once you have each, look at each symbol set.Hint 3
The left equation shows 6 x 2 divided by 3.Hint 4
This reveals the symbol for four, which is the Crossed Loop.Hint 5
The top equation shows 2 x 3 - 3, which is 5.Hint 6
This reveals the Bar, which is the symbol for 5.Hint 1
The final equation shows 5 squared, minus 4 squared, revealing 9.Hint 8
The Eye is nine.Hint 8
The only symbols left are the Dotted Cross or the Two Fish, which must be 7 and 8 respectively. These can be solved using logic in the next puzzle.Hint 9

Square The Circle

Now we have all numbers, we can solve the final pieces, which form a magic square.Hint 1
The top and middle numbers are marked with a small line, showing that 1 is Top Centre, and 5 is Middle Centre.Hint 2
From this you should be able to solve the magic square.Hint 3
The final order from top to bottom, left to right, is 8-3-4, 1-5-9, 6-7-2.Hint 4
Use the Alternating Code revealed by the inside rings to solve the outside message, so an I and A exchange, and so forth.Hint 5
The hidden message is ‘Ugly seals can disguise your treasure’Solution
Please interpret this looking at your parts as a whole… (refill envelopes are available).Hint 6