Fool's Errand Chocolate Hints

Below are staggered hints for the puzzles on this chocolate bar.

Please be warned, that if you click on the solution, the answer is immediately revealed.


WHO set him up?

Hint 1

Groups of letters, and a grid?

Hint 2

I wonder if I need to add the letters to the grid?

Hint 3

Do the numbers give the the line or row order?

HOW did they get him in the venue?

Hint 1

Those coloured letters look VERY familiar!

Hint 2

I see! The green are correct, and the pink are right, but in the wrong place.

Hint 3

If I write this out, I should see what the missing letters could be.


WHAT was the motive?

Hint 1

Nothing is leaping out.

Hint 2

Apart from those glowing letters

Hint 3

They spell a mesage!

WHY was the safe left untouched?

Hint 1

The underlined line appears to be key.

Hint 2

Some of these words seem to jarr a little. Is something hidden within them?

Hint 3

Aha - there IS! Look carefully and I might just find a sentence, explaining all.




His (s)purned ex, the sport's club boss.


Faked a party booking and used pool chemicals to knock him out.


A broken heart.


The camera is towards the safe.