Notable Remains - Tips, Hints and Solutions

Below are tips and hint to Notable Remains.


The game is as easy or as hard as you wish to play it. It can be completed at speed if you utilise all the guidance offered, but this is not neccesarily immersive, as is intended for the game. We would encourage you to resist using everything at the first instance, and instead immerse yourself!

We recommend you position the various components together to begin with, and search for words identified by being enclosed in a box, circle, diagram or shape. You might find individual words in window panes or outlines, or words hidden within buildings. Keep track of these words, and see if any fit in the spaces provided in the visitor guide.

You could then use the diagrams provided for each word to see if you are looking in the right area of the pages. These can prove to be helpful if you have a hunch that a word is in a certain place.

You can also check to see if the words are correct or not by looking at the x- and y-ref words, and using the chart provided. PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS THE ANSWER GRID!

Below are staggered hints for each puzzle, written by Sir Jacob Lester himself, where each word is described using the term 'artefact.' He has littered the text with words and clues to help you out, as well as puns and wordplay.


Part One


This first treasure I keep in a place of safety. I found it just under the ground, surrounded as I was then, by sheep busily eating. I gave them space as I brushed off the soil from this artefact. 1.1.6


Sometimes you can find an artefact in something more mundane, such as wrapped in cloth, or hidden in a box or pipe. This one was tucked under something else - essentially in plain sight. 1.2.7


I discovered this artefact while camping on the Island as a small boy. We had just watched the Sun set as we looked through the triangle of our open tent, when I looked down, and there it was in front of me. 1.3.5


This discovery made fellow archaeologists green with envy over time, being as it was a simple kitchen implement, which I used water to wash it clean. 1.4.6


To truly find treasure, you have to adjust your view point - make your eyes look elsewhere and defocus. Let things blur. Leaning against the wall, looking out, I found this artefact, vivid compared to everything else near it. 1.5.6


You cannot deny admiration for the skill and legacy which masons left us, carving their unwieldy rocks into form, function - and a history which doesn't fade or rot. This artefact now has pride of place at home. - 1.6.5


Drinking vessels are two-a-penny, but each can still hold the ghosts of drinkers past. This artefact was from an old tavern on the Island, but was incomplete, with only two thirds showing when I discovered it. 1.7.2


I located this item on a strip of land I was exploring, on a smaller Island off the coastline of Levninger. I'd had no success on the previous three searches, but this one was successful. 1.8.6


I required a little light to help me find this artefact, hidden as it was in an ancient passage on the coastline. Although smuggling has a charming impression nowadays, this was evidence of a much more bloodthirsty past.1.9.4


It was hard to keep my excitement at bay upon discovering this item - tiny though it was, I recognised straight away that this was used to help dock boats. But where else would I find it, really? The charm of discovering it didn't wear off for ages. 1.10.2


Two choices with this last artefact, but will you select the correct one? There is nothing sinister about the choice, I promise - just a simple item, kept sheltered from intrusion. 1.11.5



Part Two


This item, found on the Common, determined so much to me. Exceptionally common, you can forget they are sometimes even around, and yet they are pervasive and essential. Hold it tightly. 2.1.3


This was found in the bend of a road, by moonlight no less, although I have since shaded the item from view, for fear others might be keen on examining it too closely. 2.2.8


While making repairs for my automobile, I had an epiphany, and considered a new part, which could solve two engine issues in one! Sadly, it was not to be, but whilst seeking a solution, I did come across this artefact. It sat in my workshop, and is still there if you look hard enough. 2.3.3


This artefact was essentially hidden in plain sight - my favourite type of treasure to uncover. I will admit to choking up a little upon it's discovery, so aware I was that it held so much value. Will you uncover it though? 2.4.8


It can be worth having an artefact in use, and this simple Egyptian vessel was used over the years to hold flower arrangements. I eventually became so reclusive that it simply held Scotland's flower, dried in time and space, picked from the site of my old childhood home. 2.5.2


Other items are of course kept, like me, away from prying eyes. This sharp artefact, which I'd first made copious notes about, was found in local woods nearby and was probably more sentimental rather than of any historical value. No matter - it was charming and needed to be held away from view. 2.6.6


I found this item in the autumn, within some angry gorse plants, near a farm. To add salt to the wound, I cut myself retrieving it. 2.7.4


Found on the edge of a wall join in an old house just on the cusp of north Levninger, this tiny item came from one of a pair I am fairly certain, but circling back, I could not find the other. 2.8.2


This item was revealed by nature itself. After a particularly wet few days, which agitates so much of the soil on this Island, this artefact appeared, exposed by the downpours. This is an item I'd normally go out of my way to not touch, but I made an exception for this one. 2.9.5


This artefact I should have left to someone special, but instead I decided to bequeath it to some fools. Do not fear, I kept my disdain carefully hidden. I am sure the insult will build. 2.10.3


We can imagine the worst of a member of our family, and no doubt my own family do this - heaven knows, I have searched my lineage for long enough to explain some of this, but sometimes, as I have said previously, the truth is in plain sight. 2.11.4


 It can be tricky sometimes to make sense of an item you uncover, and this artefact took several periods of time to realise it was in two parts, one becoming subject to intense study. My will to uncover it's provenance excited me, and I eventually put the two parts together to reveal a whole new, but tainted, artefact. 2.12.6



Part Three


In the dusty barn outhouse of a farm, I uncovered a small artefact I determined to be from a high religious setting. Sadly only the middle section remained. 3.1.3


The coordinates of an open field revealed to me one half of an item that I was convinced would have a pairing, since these are normally found together in Eastern regions. 3.2.3


This small collection will likely not be found again, buried as they were behind some discarded boxes in a homestead. 3.3.5


In the grounds of my home, in an area I now avoid, I found a small plaque commemorating a death. I mounted it for safekeeping, since I felt a negative energy within it. 3.4.3


I found this one solo, in two pieces, which I had to circle back on myself to find. If even a quarter of my artefacts were as charming as this, any collector would be delighted. 3.5.4


On the land of what would have been beacons in days gone past, a glassy artefact caught my eye - and the light too - when I held it aloft once at home studying it. 3.6.5


This artefact was identified at home, and I'll admit that although my mind was hesitant at first, I flew to the conclusion of what it was quite quickly. 3.7.3


The silence when discovering this from my own past was deafening, and I had to visit a friend on the Island to calm down. The pieces sadly didn't work together for me to identify correctly. 3.8.3


An item I had previously been seeking all over the older parts of the Island finally was united with my frame of reference. I was delighted. 3.9.8


This artefact helped me solve a particular mechanical challenge I was struggling with, which had hung painfully around me. Sometimes looking at a solution rather than any active doing can help, after all. 3.10.6


The smallest artefact I found at the base of an ornate jug I had retrieved from an early dig in north Africa, and this was one which would have otherwise been lost had it been swept away in salty water. 3.11.1


Part Four


Everyone was gathered together for some community event, in a space I had supported financially, but overwhelm took hold, and I left. On leaving, my foot scuffed a rock, and there this artefact lay, for everyone to see. 4.1.3


This solid oak artefact had me in quite the state when I found it. Perhaps ten percent of it's condition had charitably been given back to the ground, but it was well worth keeping nonetheless. 4.2.3


This may seem backward, but sometimes it is easier to study away from everything. This artefact I uncovered whilst on an Island even smaller than Levninger. It needs to be studied. 4.3.8


Revealing an artefact is the greatest pleasure, and I showed slides of this item in many an archaeology panel before I became more reclusive. 4.4.5


Relatives incessantly banging on my door wanting to connect and rebuild does nothing for me. I am too much of an encumbrance, and there is too much danger at stake for them too. Still, this hinged artefact was a delight which someone will now inherit. 4.5.4


While this artefact needed much brushing down and cleaning to avoid the stale scent which accompanied the item, it was a lesson in beach-combing at low tides. Not all treasure sparkles.4.6.4


The woods on this Island have a plethora of opportunities to find artefacts, with descendants of Islanders past haunting the pathways and foothills within them. Something always stays behind once someone has visited. 4.7.6


Broken into pieces, this item must have had companions, although where they will be is a mystery now. Perhaps one should get a better outlook in order to find them? 4.8.5


Looking back, it was easy to get to the bottom of where this artefact could have been found originally. Although mistaken for being in a pair, it would be more sensible to tie all the clues together to identify this one. 4.9.2


Some bright spark told me to not go near this type of artefact, telling me it would bring me nothing but trouble. I wish I had listened to that voice from my past with greater heed now. 4.10.5


Finding this item near the coastline was pot luck, as it sat alone and forlorn. I determined it to be worthless in valuation, yet a useful item nonetheless. 4.11.1


A risk can often be seen in two halves; the event about to happen, and the aftermath. I have never liked this artefact, found as it was on an ancient fishing vessel, and something which spelt trouble ahead. 4.12.8


You can mark easily where I found this artefact, sat as it was beside a road, next to a land boundary. I caught my breathe while examining it, and pocketed it for further study. This item certainly needed no further exposure to oxygen. 4.13.5


It was clear with this item that I had to take my time and drink in just how stunning it was - a glass cork no less! The markings were a little off, but it nevertheless delighted me no end. 4.14.2


This one was appointed to me as being covered in patterns, although I felt there was more within the patterns than I had at first believed. This was well worth studying and making notes upon.4.15.5