Sea No Evil Chocolate Hints

Below are staggered hints for the puzzles on this chocolate bar.

Please be warned, that if you click on the solution, the answer is immediately revealed.


Left puzzle

Hint 1

These symbols mean NOTHING!

Hint 2

Oh, some look like letters...

Hint 3

I wonder if they are just pairs of letters?

Right puzzle

Hint 1

Numbers and letters? It makes no sense!

Hint 2

Oh. The numbers and letters alternate. If I write them out...

Hint 3

Ah, the numbers must be their order in the alphabet!


Top puzzle

Hint 1

Four boxes, four letters in each. What's the pattern?

Hint 2

I'll collect all the letters in the top left space and see what turns up.

Hint 3

This looks like the start of a sentence...

Bottom puzzle

Hint 1

Eight random words. I wonder if the STITCH clue is a link?

Hint 2

Ah, so I join the end of one word with the start of another.

Hint 3

Ah, I have four words now. 




Inside the grocers


Behind the opticians


Fruit found flung from fir forest


Above the local disco