Spicy Rustler Chocolate Hints

Below are staggered hints for the puzzles on this chocolate bar.   

Please be warned, that if you click on the solution, the answer is immediately revealed.

Top puzzle 

Hint 1

This is just a set of letters in circles!

Hint 2

Ah, I can join the close letters up.

Hint 3

It's spelling out a word - or two.

Left puzzle

Hint 1

A lovely line and everything, but how is it any help?.

Hint 2

Maybe I should follow the line along.

Hint 3

I'm collecting the letters as I go!


Right puzzle

Hint 1

The hint cant's be found anywhere.

Hint 2

Hold on - I can see the letters in the four words. Diagonally maybe?

Hint 3 

I'll do the same for the other words below.

Bottom puzzle

Hint 1 

That hint is a nightmare. Why is the H marked out?

Hint 2

Ah, do I have to fish out the letters? I think they are in order.

Hint 3

Perfect - three words!




Waygu Grass



Local Motorway



William Toll



Live Stock League