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Can you uncover where the band have gone, based on the clues in this brochure?

 Ashwell are a UK band who disappeared without a trace. All the clues to identify where they went, and why, are littered throughout this beautifully-designed, glossy Tour Brochure.

In 2021, after years of unstoppable success in their meteoric rise, the renowned band ASHWELL suddenly vanished. Due to start a year-long world tour, they left their family, fans and sizeable fortunes behind. Clues about their disappearance have started to be identified in their tour brochures and prolific output by their fans, some of whom want the truth revealed and others who are determined to keep it buried.

A secret behind the band's success.

A secret which would ruin them if it was revealed. 

A secret that the die-hard fans would do anything to protect from being revealed.

The Ashwell project came from a belief that puzzles with a narrative hold more depth and interest for players. The Ashwell Tour Brochure is a professionally-designed and beautifully printed realisation of this belief. With a real-world reveal, the puzzles combine maths, logic, wordplay and decoding.

Behind beautiful but innocuous pages lie puzzles and secrets.

You will receive a full colour, glossy print tour brochure, professionally litho printed on 130gsm coated paper. An accompanying Hints App will help you along the way should you need a guiding hand.  


There is a puzzle on almost every page, with each directly leading to a clue in the meta puzzle. You will require an internet connection for the final solution, but should be able to solve all the puzzles leading up to the final meta puzzle without one.  We don't want to give anything more away, but they range from the easy to the very hard. We estimate the game play time to be 1.5 - 3 hours, dependent on your puzzle experience and hint use.


Here are some lovely comments from some of our play testers:



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