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From places you have loved, to places filled with memories, a contour block is a unique personalised gift which will keep this place treasured forever.

These stunning blocks measure 146 x 104mm, and can be made of practically any location. Simply buy one and let us know the exact location you are keen on, or email us to see if it is possible (it normally is!).

Included in this price is the place name of the location, and the grid-reference or what3words.

How do I let you know what location I'd like on the contour block?

Let us know the location in as much detail as possible! The perfect reference point is the what3words code, and a screenshot of aerial footage (you don't have to have one with contours). We will then get in touch to confirm the placement of the location on the blocks. For reference, mountainous regions work most successfully!

How thick are the blocks?

The vast majority of the blocks are 2cm deep, which is six layers. In the photo model shown, each layer is a 50m difference in real life. At this scale, it is quite dramatic.

Can I personalise the message?

Absolutely! This is your gift, so do with it what you will! We are happy ot add a personalised message to the back, and even happy ot use commercially-available fonts, so give us all the information, and we will make this happen. We can alternatively add this information to the front of the model if you prefer (and if there is space).

Can you hang the contour blocks? Are they freestanding?

You can hang these blocks should you wish to – let us know in the notes if you'd like a plate hook included in the delivery for you to attach. They can be freestanding if you would prefer, but this changes the design slightly, so that it is both bottom-heavy and has a few layers meeting at the base. In the photo example, you can see three layers meeting at the base.

Can you treat this wood?

You can apply any type of wood varnish to these once they arrive. This will protect them and bring out the grain, but the wood is quite striking untreated too.

What about a range of mountains?

We can certainly do a range of mountains, or something larger. If this is the case, please do check with us first, or add multiple blocks to your order, as we can make a small run the same length as two standard blocks.