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For four long days, a killer picked off individuals one by one in an otherwise sleepy English town. One new detective, reeling for a relationship break up, whilst also watching her father slowly lose his mind, records her thoughts as she tries desperately to stop this killer in their tracks.

Included in this incredible bundle, which takes 4-6 hours to play, are:

  • Sleep Journal of Detective (redacted word puzzles)
  • Masterpiece - the killer's diary (logic and word puzzles)
  • Ephemera - a collection of 54v items of evidence, each with a hidden puzzle

The physical Evidence pack is also available, and has a range of 54 items, including tickets, leaflets, postcards, photographs, cards, ID lanyards. You can create your own crime board and solve the case!


There is a full hints app for the Full Deck games, which can be found by following this link: https://known-crate-9989.glideapp.io/ (works best on a phone)