Live, Laugh, Love, DIE

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It's RIP for the PTA.

Four close friends send you cards and information about the upcoming fair, and sprinkled within these postal delights are clues to a murder.

Can you solve the case before the crime happens?

You receive a series of clues and items through the post from the members of the St. Olga School Parent Teacher Association. You must sift through the post and find out who is being targeted, when, where and most importantly, why.

This game uses a series of puzzle formats, from hidden words, to ciphers and missing sequence puzzles. Each of the four deliveries features a card from one of the suspects, a puzzle element, and clues for the story. Hints are available for each delivery, and you are welcome to play at home, or submit your answers online.

Play this game yourself, or nominate a friend to receive this game (please add name in personalisation section, and use their address for shipping)

Receive the cards all at once (Together), or once a week (Weekly).

The Standard game is a collection of four clue sets. The Raffle Winner game option comes with your chocolate raffle prize, and a full written confession from the guilty party.

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