Mangetout - the play-at-home prisoner escape game

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Mangetout is a six part prison escape puzzle game, in a unique and innovative packaging layout.

Each episode comes out monthly, gradually revealing the story and guiding the prisoner out of prison, using codes, cyphers, logic, papercraft, inference and a whole host of other innovative puzzle technologies some never seen before in the puzzling world.  

Mangetout is currently a subscription game, with each episode releasing each month. You can select to have Mangetout on its own, or combine it with one of our chocolate bars on a subscription package. Each month you will receive the next episode, and that month's chocolate bar.
The chocolate bars are covered in puzzles from a whimsical story based on a fictional UK village where there are more crimes and murders than residents it seems...

Mangetout is completely supported with hints both in the packaging and online, and takes between one and one and a half hours to play per game. It is in discreet packaging, and can easily be reused, although some elements might need replacing if you participate in all of the gameplay.

"The Puzzles are very cleverly made, super original and engaging."

Julia, First player


"I really dug the way the paper was folded being integral to the order of solving and what to focus on!"

Jamie, First player


Mangetout is a puzzle experience. We use the word experience, as we believe you have never seen a game like this before. The game features:

  • Retail-realistic packaging
  • A new proprietary gaming format, the PuzzleFold
  • Contents which build together as part of the story
  • New gaming technologies not seen in any other game

To maintain the quality of this game, as it is quite intensive to manufacture, we will have a genuine and limited run, so will be capping our subscriber numbers. 

Read about the origins of this game.

Please note: If you have already bought Episode 1 of Mangetout as part of the April Mystery Games event, we will automatically start your subscription on Episode 2. If you have an existing Chocolateral subscription, you can combine it with this - please get in touch.