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The best puzzle-on-a-drinks-coaster game, fresh from Kickstarter.

Puzzles are presented on nine  drinks coasters, with each coaster giving clues to the the next location (which happens to be right next to a pub). Puzzles take the form of word, strategy, movement, logic and cryptic challenges, and result in three words.

These words can be used with the mapping app What3Words to check the next location (this clever technology locates a 3m by 3m space anywhere in the world with a three word co-ordinate, aka, your answer). 

The game can be played solo, or with friends. It can also be played live, or at home, or as a combination of these. Similar to clue hunts or puzzle hunts, these are adventures you can enjoy physically in London or virtually at home. 

Your options include:

Digital - the nine puzzle grids in a beautiful PDF format, to print and play at home.

Card - All nine puzzles printed on genuine drinks coasters.

Companion - the Card and Digital editions.

Laminate - Stunning luxury drinks coasters with a firm backboard, hand sheared edges and laminate top.