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Welcome to 'Shrink-Wrapped,' a set of three engaging mini-games based around famous psychological experiments. Please have a seat on the couch...

The games are just 18 cards each, and designed primarily to be a solo or two-player game. They are simple in appearance, but each game has a wealth of strategy available to utilise as a player.

What's included?

If you know the experiments, you will have an inkling of what the games are about too!


Based on the infamous Prisoners versus Guards experiment, you play to either win by having the most of your characters (either prisoners or guards) OR by spelling out your team word (LIVE or EVIL). Cards are laid horizontally, and can be laid on top of each other. This is a game of high strategy, as you need to keep track of a number of factors if you are to have any chance of winning.

The Marshmallow Experiment

Eighteen double-sided cards, each with 12 marshmallows of either pink or white colouring. All you have to do to win is have the longest single uninterrupted vertical line of marshmallows. You can declare your winning line at any time, but as soon as you do, your opposing player can look through ANY of the remaining cards and play it, potentially beating you. Can you resist calling out your winning line?

Trolley Dilemma

You have a hand of just eight unseen cards each, and yet lives are in your hands. Each card you lay to continue your own track has a dilemma to resolve, but past decisions may come back to haunt you later on. A game that gets more strategic the more you play it, becoming more familiar with those worth sacrificing and those worth saving.

You can read the rules of the games here.

Buried Puzzles - while stocks last

You read that right - each mini-game has a puzzle buried within it - which vary from the elementary to the head-scratching. There is a delightful game-related mental reward when you solve each of the puzzles contained within each game.

What to choose

The Deck and The Wallet. If you want all three games and are happy to keep them in our sturdy matt-laminated tuck box, select Deck. If you'd like the option of having three wallets to store your games in, select Wallet. Simple!


Please note that these will be despatched in the first two weeks of April 2024 from our UK location.