Trolley Dilemma

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Trolley Dilemma

You have a hand of just eight unseen cards each, and yet lives are in your hands. Each card you lay to continue your own track has a dilemma to resolve, but past decisions may come back to haunt you later on. A game that gets more strategic the more you play it, becoming more familiar with those worth sacrificing and those worth saving.

You can read the rules of the games here.

Buried Puzzles Included

You read that right - each mini-game has a puzzle buried within it - which vary from the elementary to the head-scratching. There is a delightful game-related mental reward when you solve each of the puzzles contained within each game.

Wallet Plus Cards

These are quite simply the most versatile card games - housed in their own wallet, they can fit comfortably into a day bag, rucksack, suitcase or lunchbox.