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A series of increasingly-cryptic delivery cards lands on your doorstep, with a parcel getting tantalisingly closer. Will you complete the challenge and get your long-awaited delivery?

Have you ever felt your delivery company are playing a puzzle game with you, holding your parcels and packages hostage? Well, now you can play this game in real life!

Upon purchase, you (or a friend) will start to receive cards through the post, with puzzles contained on them. Use the hints provided, and submit your answers online.

You will receive four (Standard) or five (Upgrade) delivery cards, each with series of puzzles on them. You can either play at home, or upload your answers on our dedicated website. Full hints are available for all the puzzles online.

Please note that these look incredibly realistic - we have had players make contact with us, asking what they ordered - so keep your eyes out for our blue postcard-shaped cards. We have teamed up with Atraso Deliveries for shipping on this product.

Play this game yourself, or nominate a friend to receive this game (please add name in personalisation section, and use their address for shipping)

Receive the cards all at once (Together) or once a week (Weekly).

Note that the real joy is in having these cards arrive one at at time, so we would strongly encourage you to have them delivered Weekly - for UK customers this is at no extra cost. Non-UK customers, yours will be delivered together by default.

The Standard game is a set of four cards. The Upgrade game has an actual fifth delivery, which is a luxury Chocolateral Bar.

Please note - Individual postage is only available for UK residents. For players outside the UK, you will receive your order in one delivery. Any shipping charge covers all deliveries.