Write Your Own Children’s Cosy Crime Story

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If you’ve ever wanted to write your own crime story but found it hard to know what to write next, Write Your Own Children’s Cosy Crime Story is the solution. With some imagination, a little preparation and just 50 writing sessions, you will have a fully-formed story, complete with a detailed storyline, twists and turns, and tension built in.

Each of the 50 writing sessions has a key scene to write, as well as handy prompts to guide your writing. There is also advice on building a suspect list, ways to increase tension, great cliffhangers, and lots more besides.

Almost everything has been plotted and planned for you, based on the storylines of over 50 cosy crime novels. Using the two page Plot-o-Matic framework at the start, you can work out exactly what is going to happen at every stage of the story - there are even ideas if you get stuck - so all you have to do is write each section out. In no time at all, you’ll have written your very own cosy crime story.

What are you waiting for? There are crimes to solve and we need an author and hero - time for you to step up, detective!

If you would like to give your photocopier a break, you can order print versions for your group or class by clicking this text and following this link.

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