Lindie Games

Discover the Joy of Gaming with Lindie Games

Welcome to Lindie Games, the exciting new imprint launched by Enigmailed in 2024. At Lindie Games, we are passionate about celebrating indie games that bring people together, whether it's for a party, a casual pub visit, or a planned getaway. Our collection features a variety of quick-to-learn, engaging games that fit perfectly into any social setting.

Partner Games

Our Partner Games are designed to foster connections. These small deck games are perfect for two players, offering a fun and interactive way to get to know someone better, challenge each other, and have a great time.

For Game Designers

If you're a game designer with a small game that fits into one of these categories, we want to hear from you! At Lindie Games, we offer:

  • Enthusiasm: We’re genuinely excited about every proposal we receive.
  • Royalty Percentage: We offer a genuine royalty percentage!
  • Support: If your game needs development, we’ll point you in the right direction. We also provide support for prototypes needing specific components.

When we review your game, we’ll play it multiple times with different groups. If it’s not the right fit, we’ll give you constructive feedback and a thank-you gift. We look forward to partnering with passionate game designers to bring unique games to life.


Q: What types of games does Lindie Games specialize in?
A: Lindie Games specializes in Partner Games, Party Games, Pocket Pub Games, and Planned Breaks games. Our focus is on small, quick-to-learn games that are perfect for social settings and easy to take on the go.

Q: How can I submit my game idea to Lindie Games?
A: If you have a game idea that fits one of our categories, we’d love to hear from you! Please contact us with your pitch, and we’ll review it with enthusiasm and provide feedback.

Q: What support does Lindie Games offer to game designers?
A: We offer a genuine royalty percentage with an advance, provide feedback on game proposals, and support the development of prototypes, including assistance with specific 3D printed or laser-cut components if needed.