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Award-winning games

It is of course wonderful to get feedback from your products. Every single one of our forms asks for feedback, and we take it seriously and actively.

When a product then gets singled out for praise, it is delightful, and a superb endorsement for that product. 

Our Chocolateral series of puzzle bars have now won awards twice over, and we are delighted to share these with you here, in order of recency.

If you think our games or products should be put forward for awards, please let us know - this is a large (and growing) community!

Best Innovator 2021 - Escape the ROOMers

Top Innovator Award 2021

This was awarded for the Chocolateral bars, and was awarded in December 2021 from the team behind Escape The ROOMers. You can read more about these awards, and other winners, at this link:


Wow Award - Innovative Game - The Escape Roomer

WOW Award for Innovation

This was awarded in November by the team behind this UK-based review and blogging website.. You can read their review of the Chocolateral bars, and of course, other games, at this link: