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"I ended the day selling out both games. Again, I hadn't included how many of each game I was going to sell, but I've actually worked out that it would be best to sell 50 and keep it at 50 of each. I managed to achieve this for both games and was absolutely delighted when the last one sold. This is a model that I will really experiment and explore again, as people seemed quite excited about it."

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In 2022, Enigmailed Puzzles aims to give new and young talents the opportunity to celebrate their skills by forming collaborations and opportunities to share their skills.

We start with January's talent, Olivia, a budding product photographer. When she plucked up the courage to message us looking for the opportunity to take photos of our bars, we couldn't resist!

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Whether you are a seasoned race participant, someone wanting to build up an exercise routine, or an inspiration team leader wanting to motivate and inspire your colleagues, the Fool's Errand Challenge is perfect for you!

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