We all have that frisson of excitement when we get the notification that the item we ordered has shipped. We all watch the little Amazon logo heading toward our house, or is that just me?

Likewise, I adore it when I am directly working on Enigmailed and an order comes in, and I'd started trying to fulfil these orders as soon as possible. I wanted customers to look at their emails and get the notification pop up before they can even BLINK!

Hence this challenge. I am fortunate in living in suburban England, where the local Post Office is literally a minute away (40 seconds if I'm running), and a ridiculous plan started to form - could I go from a sale notification tov shipping in under five minutes? 

I decided to test this out on Instagram Live first, and was only on for a few minutes before the fabled order came through - from a long-standing supportive customer, who was after a specific combination of puzzle bars.

I couldn't actually believe it when the order came in. Next time, I am definitely getting more ready (as in, not wearing slippers), but I managed to fulfil in just five minutes. That's right, from purchase to postbox in five minutes.

I'm going to be doing this the next couple of Thursdays, and have decided to throw in some extras to the first order which comes in. Could this be you?

Are you a maker up for the #FiveMinuteShippingChallenge? Let me know, and let's see if we can collaborate!