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In 2022, Enigmailed Puzzles aims to give new and young talents the opportunity to celebrate their skills by forming collaborations and opportunities to share their skills.

We start with January's talent, Olivia, a budding product photographer. When she plucked up the courage to message us looking for the opportunity to take photos of our bars, we couldn't resist!

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It is of course wonderful to get feedback from your products. Every single one of our forms asks for feedback, and we take it seriously and actively. When a product then gets singled out for praise, it is delightful, and a superb endorsement for that product.  Our Chocolateral series of puzzle bars have now won awards twice over, and we are delighted to share these with you here, in order of recency. If you think our games or products should be put forward for awards, please let us know - this is a large (and growing) community! Best Innovator 2021...

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Whether you are a seasoned race participant, someone wanting to build up an exercise routine, or an inspiration team leader wanting to motivate and inspire your colleagues, the Fool's Errand Challenge is perfect for you!

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I am fortunate in living in suburban England, where the local Post Office is literally a minute away (40 seconds if I'm running), and a ridiculous plan started to form - could I go from a sale notification tov shipping in under five minutes? 

I decided to test this out on Instagram Live first, and was only on for a few minutes before the fabled order came through - from a long-standing supportive customer, who was after a specific combination of puzzle bars.

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