April 2022 Newsletter

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April 2022 Newsletter

This Month's Bar - Fool's Errand

Well, why wouldn't we brand this month's bar with our favourite puzzle-and-physical-exercise-challenge game, Fool's Errand‽ This bar is a delicious Banoffee Milk, crammed with the usual array of puzzles and small-town crime!

Subscribers will have already feasted on it, and this flavour has proven to be very popular, so do get it while it's in a room-temperature condition!

Will you find it a-peeling?

What we are playing (from other people)

This month's game is from USB Escape, our Canadian friend, Keith! This is a computer-based puzzle game, and there is a LOT of content for the price, we can tell you. There has been some fantastic personalisation, and Keith also serves Windows or Mac users, so you really have no excuse!

Buy USB Escape here: https://www.usbescape.com/

Blogged down...

In case you missed it, we launched TWO games on 1st April, and you can read all about that in our INSIGHT blogpost about the process of, effectively, an in-house, 24 hour Kickstarter.

....and Coming up

Mangetout launches officially in July 2022, and is unlike anything you will have EVER seen before! Register for Mangetout information today.

Our kickstarter for Notable Remains launches, hopefully at the end of May/start of July. In case you missed it first time around, this is a multi-layered map-based puzzle adventure. It is BIG!


Puzzlebash you say?

We experimented with a group of puzzlers meeting together and playing a big game in February, and it was enormous fun!

We are now organising another, and you are invited! Please do get in contact through Enigmailed if you would like to be involved - we are looking at June/July time, in SE England. American subscribers, we would love to have you join us, and will help in any way!

Feeling the Fool?

There are only ten days left of Fool's Errand, but you are welcome to join us for the final ten days - every subscriber to the game will get all 30 games in one handy download at the end! Feel free to play the remainder of Fool's Errand with us!

Word on the Street (about Enigmailed)

We had a HOOT recording an episode of TIER (The Infinite Escape Room), where I spill nothing but beans and help a famous gorilla escape, ruining a thousand monkey memes in the process. You can listen/read all about the TIER podcast here: https://www.theinfiniteescaperoom.com/e/save-harambe-feat-step-lockyer-from-enigmailed/

We had TWO lovely reviews of our bars this month!

Firstly, Sarah from GATAPAE reviewed a few of the bars here, noting that no puzzle has ever been repeated on the bars SO FAR! Enjoy Sarah's review of the Chocolateral bars here: https://gatapae.home.blog/chocolateral-puzzles-enigmailed-home-play-game/

The Brilliant team at The Escape Roomer got their teeth stuck into Simply The Zest, whose stock has dwindled since its launch in March. Read their review of the bar Simply The Zest here: https://theescaperoomer.com/enigmailed-chocolateral-bars/

Better than all rest?

Until next time,

Step (& Saffie)